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Please take a few minutes to navigate through our site. You will be able to find out just about everything you need to know about BRM & Co. Total Quality Management Inc. within these pages. We have just celebrated our 12th year of incorporation and my 33rd year as a Quality Professional, as we boldly support emerging technologies, while still embracing traditional ethics. Let us help you meet your goals of long term safety, reliability, and profitability by building Quality into your projects.


Contact Information


BRM & Co. Total Quality Management Inc.

14960 Henderson Ave

Bakersfield, CA

office 661.588.9581

fax 661.588.3058

cell 209.985.7688


Do you think you have what it takes to become an employee of BRM & Co? Check out our Employment page for more info on about what we offer and how to apply.













Did you know that typically Quality Control and Quality Assurance were thought of as a "necessary evil" by most Construction and Maintenance Professionals? We have been changing this perception for over 20 years!






By making sure jobs are done right the first time, we:


  • Avoid scrap, salvage, and rework costs
  • Greatly reduce liabilities and increase safety
  • Increase reliability and plant life





Any power plant , Refinery, Food Processing facility, etc. should stay safely and reliably on-line, rather than operate a dangerous and/or high maintenance facility.


It is LOST REVENUE that is so hard to recapture, and relatively easy to avoid losing.


Our team of experts in Quality Management will assist you in meeting your goals of building and maintaining the best possible plants in the World, staying focused on your Schedule, Budget, Safety and Reliability.



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